SMB without dedicated IT staff can rely our technical team to provide support for their end users, servers, network and security.

For large business can outsource some of their IT service to us so that we can they can fully utilize their human resource. We can tailor-make service level agreement to meet expectation of each customer. We are using ticketing system to log support cases and monitor them according to service level agreement. We also provide analysis report for support cases.

Trustworthy, incredible, experienced technical team.

Our technical team consists of members with expertise in different areas. With years of partnership experience with different security vendors, like Check Point, Fortinet, WatchGuard and Topsec, Cyber Age has established deep knowledge in security. We always provide security advice for customers.

We have been providing IT Support for computer and network since 2000. We have different models for different segment, from SMB to large business. 

Physical or virtualized?

We both can help.

We provide support for end users, Windows Server, Exchange Server, NAS, Wi-Fi network, firewall and other network appliances. We support both physical server, virtualized environment, on-premised, private cloud and hybrid cloud environment.

Taking over, or giving a hand?

It's on your demand.

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