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Cyber Age Ltd has been appointed by Aptronics Pte Ltd as agent / representative of in Hong Kong and China since 2019.

Aptronics Pte Ltd is an IT and Engineering company with 30 years of experience. The strength of Aptronics is in its portfolio of being a leading system integrator and application service provider of productivity solutions. Aptronics has its own production house and an in-house engineering team to meet customer requirements.

Ship Bridge Simulator

Prime Mover Simulator

Construction Crane Simulator

Port Crane Simulator


Our crane simulator products have been used by several customers in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and within Asia.

Some of the available crane modules include:


  • Quay Crane (Ship to Shore)

  • Tandem Lift Crane

  • Rubber Tire Gantry Crane

  • Rail Mounted Gantry Crane

  • Dock Pedestal Crane

  • Overhead Bridge Crane

  • Rail Mounted Gantry Crane


  • Crawler Crane

  • Mobile Crane

  • Tower Crane

  • Excavator


  • Offshore Pedestal Crane


Our range of driving simulators include:

  • Prime mover driving simulator

  • Bus & truck driving simulator

  • Law enforcement driving simulator

  • Passenger car driving simulator


We provide a wide range of maritime simulators, such as:

  • Full Mission Ship Handling Simulator

  • Anchor Handling Simulator / Tugboat Simulator

  • Harbour Towing Simulator

  • Engine Room Simulator

  • Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator

General Engineering Services


Project Management:
Our project managers are Project Management Professional (PMP) certified with years of experience managing projects of various disciplines.

After sales support:
With our fully qualified local technical team attending to the services and requirements of your customers, you can set your mind at ease.


Simulation Engineering Services


System Architecture Design
Allow our solution architects to design a training solution to meet your needs and budget.

System Integration
We provide system integration services to help you integrate, upgrade and expand your current training solutions.

Display Solutions Design
We can help to upgrade your existing or design a new display solution to meet your space and technical requirements.

Hardware sourcing
From our extensive list of simulation related hardware vendors, we are confident to provide our customers with quality hardware at a reasonable price.

On site system installation
Let our local qualified engineers assist in your site installations according to your approved installation plan to save resources and cost.

Projector maintenance and repair
Our engineers are able to diagnose common projector faults and advise on actions to be taken for repair.

Our provided maintenance services include periodic preventive maintenance, image alignment, colour balancing, replacement of projection lamps and faulty parts.

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