Cyber Age Ltd is distributor of Topsec security products in Hong Kong.

Security Protection

•NGFW Next-generation Firewall

• Network Traffic Analysis System

• Advanced Sustainable Threat Security Monitoring System

• Load Balancing System

• Webpage Anti-tampering System

• Application Security Gateway System

• Security Isolation and Information Exchange System

• Online Behavior Management System

• Virus Filtering Gateway System

• Web Application Firewall System

• Safety Isolation and One-way Import System

Security Inspection

• Intrusion Prevention System

• Intrusion Detection System

• Zombie Creep Monitoring System

• Abnormal Traffic Management and Anti-denial Service System

• Network Audit System

• Database Audit System

• Network Security Access System

• Host Monitoring and Auditing System

Secure access

• IoT Security Management Platform

• IoT Security Gateway

• IoT Access Gateway

• IoT Enabling Platform

• VPN System

• Security Certification Platform

• Digital Certificate System

• Enterprise Mobile Security Management Platform

• Mobile APP Scanning Reinforcement System