Topsec is China’s leading provider of network security, big data and secure cloud services. It is the earliest and largest high-tech enterprise committed in the product development and security service in the network security area.

Cyber Age Ltd is sole distributor of Topsec Security products in Hong Kong and Macau.

Security Protection

•NGFW Next-generation Firewall

• Network Traffic Analysis System

• Advanced Sustainable Threat Security Monitoring System

• Load Balancing System

• Webpage Anti-tampering System

• Application Security Gateway System

• Security Isolation and Information Exchange System

• Online Behavior Management System

• Virus Filtering Gateway System

• Web Application Firewall System

• Safety Isolation and One-way Import System

Security Inspection

• Intrusion Prevention System

• Intrusion Detection System

• Zombie Creep Monitoring System

• Abnormal Traffic Management and Anti-denial Service System

• Network Audit System

• Database Audit System

• Network Security Access System

• Host Monitoring and Auditing System

Secure access

• IoT Security Management Platform

• IoT Security Gateway

• IoT Access Gateway

• IoT Enabling Platform

• VPN System

• Security Certification Platform

• Digital Certificate System

• Enterprise Mobile Security Management Platform

• Mobile APP Scanning Reinforcement System